Program Features

Fully customizable schedule

All Grand Park Premier teams will have a customized schedule to their team's needs. 

Our expert coaching staff will work together to build each team a schedule that includes local and regional events that provide the perfect competitive level for each team. 

High School teams will be placed in exposure events during the open periods

Gear Package

Grand Park Premier works with Nike to provide all uniforms and additional apparel and gear for their players. 

In addition to Nike uniforms, every team will have the ability to receive shoes, bags, socks, shooter shirts, and more!

Practice Time and Sport Performance

 Every single Grand Park Premier team will have a weekly practice, held at the Pacers Athletic Center, and spend time with SVSP trainers to enhance strength, speed and agility!


Grand Park Premier team fees range from $300-600 per player, based on the team's event schedule and gear package!


Grand Park Premier teams will be overseen by experienced coaches who are committed to giving players a great experience, while helping them improve.


Grand Park Premier offers planning and scheduling assistance for our coaches, as well as resources such as drills and plays.

Training Opportunities

Teams or players will be provided with discounted training opportunities through our in-house training programs: Indiana Primetime Sports and St. Vincent Sports Performance.

Interested in Joining our GPP Program?  Do you have a whole team ready to be part of Grand Park Premier?