This session is all about sharpening skills and minds. Players will have 2 Training Sessions per week that dive deeper into skills than your average training group. Our players will also have 2 Open Gym sessions per week, giving them freedom to expand their game and utilize new skills. We will also focus on basketball IQ and developing leadership using game situations where players will coach themselves and each other. High School athletes will receive a discounted membership to the Recovery Room. During this timeframe teams will also compete in the IYBL Back to School League on weekends. 



This session is about building team chemistry and applying the Sharpen skills, both on-court and off-court, into a season. Youth and Middle School teams will practice once per week and play in the IYBL Fall and Winter Leagues. Teams will utilize game film within practices, and will have opportunities to attend leadership classes and speakers. 

High School teams will not compete or practice during this timeframe. High School athletes will have light skill work sessions on Sunday morning focused on ballhandling and shooting. They will also have game film and leadership opportunities during this time frame. Lastly, High School athletes will have an included membership to the Recovery Room to alleviate any aches and pains throughout the season.



This session is the chance to show off all of the hard work that went into our Sharpen and Enhance sessions. Teams will practice once per week and utilize game film to improve basketball IQ. Teams will compete in local, regional, and national tournaments. The top teams in each grade will compete on the UA Future (Youth, Middle School) or UA Rise (High School) circuits against elite competition. Teams may opt to get weekly games by playing in the IYBL March, Spring, or Summer Leagues as well.


Committed players can get a one-time discount of $1,500 if it is paid all up front for the year. Players can also pay a recurring monthly fee of $150 for the year for a total of $1,800. 

If you do not commit to the year but prefer to participate in just one of the sessions, the cost is: Sharpen $600, Enhance $800, Compete $1000.